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RepairPhone provides convenient door-to-door repair services for customers who simply do not have time to head down to a physical retail shop to repair their phone or computer.

We strive to provide unparalleled service and convenience to all customers who need door to door phone and laptop repair service at reasonable prices. By not having expensive retail shop fronts at prime locations, we aim to keep operating costs low and pass on the savings to customers in terms of lower prices.


We believe in empowering individuals:

– Customers

by providing transparent information and hence allowing all to make informed purchase decisions

– Employees

by equipping them with the latest repair skills for ever newer phone models via continual training and giving fair employment opportunities to all.

– Suppliers

by engaging them fairly in all procurement considerations.

Phone Repair

Here at our mobile phone repair centre, we have experienced technicians that have the knowhow to correct phones experiencing software problems, which are usually the cause of those frustrating system crashes.

Unlike other mobile phone repair services, we have the expertise to quickly and accurately repair most of the issues that are preventing your mobile phone from operating correctly. From iPhones to Android devices, RepairPhone can help. Our mobile phone repair services are just that: quick and effective.

We take the repair of mobile phones very seriously; we go the extra mile to give you a complete peace of mind and confidence that your mobile phone is in safe hands.

Computer Repair

We also provide door-to-door computer repair services, because we understand the frustration of losing access to your important data.

Contact us now at +65 9007 5641 for a free computer repair estimate.

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