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Sell Your Phone (Pls Call for Latest Quote)

We collect your unwanted used phones from you at your home/workplace. Please check below for quote (good working condition phones, no scratches, full set of accessories) and collection appointment

Not Just the Best Place for Phone Repair – Trust Repairphone.sg to Get You the Best Value for Your Old Device

We understand what a nightmare it can be, having an old and obsolete phone in hand that is so tough to get rid of. So what if you have already bought a new one – you can’t just chuck your old handset in the bin now, can you? There has to be some value in it, regardless of any damage that the phone might have sustained during the course of its life!

Yes, of course! And RepairPhone.sg is here to ensure that your old/broken phone is able to get the value it deserves, when you decide to sell it. Trust us to deliver the best deals to you.

We are RepairPhone.sg – your one stop destination in Singapore for computer repairs, phone repair, buying the latest tech and even selling your unused gadgets! And here, we present our unique platform that will enable you to sell your old phone at a fair price to a trustworthy buyer. Our sales process is simple and painless that provides you with many options to choose, as per your convenience. You will not regret putting your trust in our services.

Instead of going for putting out classified ads or handing over your old phone to local vendors who might not give you a reasonable quote, try RepairPhone.sg – the most trusted name for computer repairs and phone repair in Singapore that will guarantee you the best price. We assure you that if your old phone satisfies our terms and conditions as well as our quality parameters (Check our repair FAQ’s), you will definitely get an unbelievable price for your used phone.

Simply send us the specifications of your old phone, its model and make and any problems you are facing with it. A picture of the device will also be appreciated. We will get back to you with our best quote in no time at all.

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For brand new phones or spoilt phones, please call 90075641 for a quote or drop us a note here:

Terms & Conditions:
Price quote is for working condition phones with good (non scratched) external casing and with complete set of original accessories such as SD card, charger, headset etc

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