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Are you crazy over handphones? Aspire to be a phone repair technician? Unsure how to get started ? Or fresh from school and like to learn more ?

We conduct periodic phone and tablet repair courses. Topics covered under our Basic Level 1 Technician, two-day full-time (weekday) course include:

  • Introduction to various phone models
  • Repair philosophy
  • Diagnosis of common phone problems including LCD spoilt, Screen cracked/broken, Battery fast draining, Phone cannot switch on, Phone fail to charge, iPhone cannot connect to iTunes, Android playstore not working, Phone wifi fail to connect, Headset not working, Speaker/Microphone not working, Phone no ring tone/ not vibrating
  • Identification of spare parts
  • Replacement of faulty phone parts after diagnosis
  • Other common repair skills including camera removal and reinstallation
  • Repair fees and charges

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