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It may always be a mystery exactly how someone manages to drop an iPhone into a toilet, but we won’t have to wonder about the financial repercussions any longer. Studies have estimated that globally, consumers spend 1-2 billion dollars each year on iPhone repairs since the first iteration was released in 2007. A significant amount is also estimated to be spent on iPad repairs annually. While there is no study on the size of the iPhone repair Singapore market, shops here have seen a steady increase in demand of iPhone repair service in Singapore.

SquareTrade, an American-based company which provides independent warranties for tech gadgets in USA, surveyed more than 2,000 iPhone users in the US about how they’d abused their phones over the years, then extrapolated the cost of their iphone repairs and replacements.

The primary culprit of a damaged iPhone is the classic, clumsy drop from the user’s hand. The second-most popular reason was “immersing the phone in liquid”. Having the phone fall out of the user’s lap, be knocked off a table or get drenched in a liquid spill were the next most common reasons for damage, respectively.

Apple provides a one-year limited warranty on the iPhone and iPad, which covers product malfunction but not user clumsiness. An entire industry has cropped up around the protection and restoration of many people’s most treasured electronic device. Some iPhone users do not get their iphone repaired in and simply bear the shame of a cracked screen. According to SquareTrade, more than 10% of iPhone owners allow their screens to remain cracked, while 5-10% of users used tape to keep their phones together. That’s hardly a surprise when getting an iPhone repaired usually costs between $100 and $400 (from iPhone 5 to iPhone 7). Getting your latest iPad repaired (that is, the Air Pro 9.7) will cost even more than this.

Part of the iPhone repair Singapore market is covered by insurers. A key player is Hong Leong Assurance which insures against a user’s iPhone repair cost in Singapore.

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