Analytics solutions and Business Intelligence (BI) are becoming an indispensable element for businesses looking to turn data into business advantages. For solution providers, the race is now shifting to mobile technology to meet the business control needs wherever and whenever, via mobile devices such as smartphones. and tablets.

The trend of integrating Analytics software and Business Intelligence (BI) on mobile devices

Most Analytics software vendors and Business Intelligence have now developed mobile versions for their products. In its latest report, consulting firm Ventana Research places leading suppliers on the scale and evaluates the performance of products.

Ventana Research’s Analytics Software Review and Business Intelligence (BI) 2019 analyze software systems when used on smaller interfaces and on mobile device screens. Specifically, the 15 vendor analysis report is based on seven evaluation criteria – Availability, Management Capabilities, Reliability, Features and Adaptability, thereby evaluating Analytics and Business software Complete mobile intelligence.

The trend of integrating Analytics software and Business Intelligence (BI) on mobile devices
The trend of integrating Analytics software and Business Intelligence (BI) on mobile devices

Birst has become one of the leading Analytics and Business Intelligence Mobile providers

According to Ventana Research, the Birst software is one of the leading Analytics and Business Intelligence Mobile providers. Brad Peters – CEO and senior vice president of Birst – stressed that the younger generation of workers appreciates the mobility of the product. According to Mr. Brad, the Birst Mobile application allows users to access data anywhere, both online and offline thanks to the development of smartphones and tablets.

The Birst Mobile software maximizes the interoperability and control of the device, thereby providing an advanced, smooth and more engaging experience for users.

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For the purpose of “one-time design, all-in-one application”, Birst Mobile’s dashboard features automatic adjustment that fits the user’s device screen and takes advantage of interactive capabilities. and collaborate to provide a more intuitive experience. In addition, Birst Mobile users can also access their data offline, allowing them to work even without an internet connection.

Ventana’s report writes: “Birst is the highest rated of Adaptability, Birst ranks first in this category thanks to options for flexible product configuration and deployment, including customizing the interface. easier to use for users. ”

Providing applications that work with both iOS and Android operating systems, Birst Mobile easily integrates into existing systems, applications and workflows. Besides the advantages of Adaptability, Birst is also highly ranked in both the Reliability and TCO / ROI criteria. Infor Birst has earned the highest score (in the top 3 suppliers) of 4 of the 7 criteria used to evaluate products, Birst has become one of the top four Analytics and Business Intelligence software vendors about Overall performance.

 enterprise data management
enterprise data management

On the other hand, Birst Mobile ranked lowest in the Usability category, because the product is still being improved and user interface adjusted. In the report, Ventana Research notes that in future updates to Birst, support for executives and IT professionals should also be improved. More specifically, mobile device-specific features such as positioning and wearable on devices will significantly improve the Birst Mobile software.

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